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The Series 108 is ideal for motorcycles and power sports. Use this battery when you need extra power, small size and durability. Equivalent up to 350 CCA and 8 Ah capacity with Smart Technology.  3 Year Limited Warranty.

108 Series Indura Power 12VDC LiFePo4 Iron Lithium Phosphate Bat

  • LED Battery Condition Indicator

    The battery has an LED light on the top to indicate the current battery status such as ON and OFF state, charge state and provides feedback for battery condition. The LED is located on the topside of the battery, (Fig. 1).

    Module Fault:

    The LED will flash RED once every 5 seconds when a fault occurs with the battery.

    Over-Voltage Protection:

    This mode is automatically set when battery voltage reaches 15.2V. When in this mode, the contact opens and a RED LED will flash rapidly. When in this mode, the battery cannot be charged in active mode orientation because contact is open. The unit will automatically reset when charging is removed.

    Under-Voltage Protection:

    This mode is automatically set when battery voltage discharges below 9.0 V. When in this mode, the LED will flash RED every 5 seconds. To remove the battery from this mode, the battery must be charged ONLY using an Indura Power Approved Lithium Battery Charger.

    Power Off:

    Enabled through mobile device paired to battery unit only through the Indura App. In this mode, no power is available at the battery terminals.