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InduraPower Systems
Legal Disclaimers

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Disclaimers on all of our video and website content.

I am a Do It Yourself, also known as DIY, mechanic.  I am NOT a professional mechanic.   

I do not have any formal training in the automotive field. We, (InduraPower, Inc nor COMSovereign Holding Corp.)

assume no liability for anything you choose to do to your car, before, or after watching one of our videos 

or utilizing the content from this web site.

All DIY repairs or modifications you perform to your car are made at your own risk. 

Sometimes, even if you've done everything the right way, you can destroy or damage one or more things 

on your car.  You must understand this, but by leveraging knowledge and patience, the probability of 

encountering one or more problems can be reduced.

Also, if for some unfortunate reason, I do give incorrect instructions and something breaks 

because you followed my instructions, We will NOT reimburse or pay in any way for whatever 

cost that may be incurred due to following my wrong instructions.

Lastly, please don't do anything to your car unless you yourself feel comfortable and confident in doing so.

120 Series
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